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The first tip I learned from her was that mixing several sizes and shapes of glitter adds depth to the sparkle . I mixed up a batch of silver glitter using fine, chunky, star-shaped, and tinsel glitters. I coated the paper mache deer in Mod Podge which I painted on with a large craft brush. To limit the mess, I did all my glittering over a.

Silver and Gold Ombre Glitter Christmas Tree. Source. Ombre can be of two or more colors but silver and gold ombre beat all of them. To make this, take a foam cone and coat it nicely with mod podge. First, cover the layer with silver glitter and towards the end coat, it with gold chunky glitter foil and blend them.

The Mod Podge Podgeable Glitter comes in a little "poofer" with a small nozzle, so you can more accurately poof your way to awesomeness. I sort of poofed my way into sparkly mess, so here's a few tips I learned along the way. #1. The stencil is small, so if you're not going to use all of it, it's best to tape it off, lest you get Mod.

Make sure you only glitter the top 1/3 of the bottle. Next, combine the two glitters into a small bowl do achieve an ombre appearance. This will be the glitter for the middle section of the bottle. Apply the mod podge to the middle of the bottle and sprinkle the combined glitter to this section. Complete the bottle with the lower layer.

Mod Podge ® Dimensional Magic - Silver Glitter, 2 oz. - CS11331. $8.99. Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, Silver Glitter allows you to add dimension to your arts and crafts. This epoxy-like formula creates a faux glass-like effect that dries with a glittery finish and a 3D domed shape. Use Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to create jewelry, paper crafting, and more.

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Don't worry. Mod Podge does dry clear, allowing you to fully see any paper or material you have mod podged onto. Mod Podge crafts are ideal for home décor ideas because of the see-through texture of the substance. It allows you to display the beautiful pattern or design underneath while still protecting it with a clear coat of adhesive.

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